Try Before You Buy: An Amazon Shopper’s Ultimate Guide

Are you an Amazon shopper who wants to guarantee a perfect purchase? ‘Try before you buy’ might be the answer for you.

Amazon ‘Try Before You Buy’ gives shoppers the opportunity to select items, have them shipped to their home and then try them out before they decide whether or not to keep them. This means that if something doesn’t fit right or isn’t exactly what was expected, you can return the item without worrying about paying any money upfront.

With the growing popularity of online shopping, ‘Try Before You Buy’ is becoming a popular option for many shoppers. In this guide, we will take a look at how it works, what benefits it offers, and how you can use it to ensure that your purchases are perfect every time.

What Is Amazon’s Try Before You Buy Program?

Amazon’s Try Before You Buy program is the ultimate shopping experience for those who love to shop without the risk. It’s a way to try on items before committing to them, just like you would at a physical store. With Amazon Try Before You Buy, you can select up to 10 eligible items per month and have them shipped directly to your door.

With Try Before You Buy, you can choose from a wide range of apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories. To get started, simply browse through Amazon’s selection of TBYB eligible items and add them to your cart. Then choose the item size and checkout as usual—but this time you won’t be charged until after eight days. That’s when the Try Before You Buy period ends and you can decide to either keep or return your items. With this convenient program, there’s no pressure to commit right away!

How Does Amazon’s Try Before You Buy Work?

Amazon’s Try Before You Buy program is simple and straightforward. It gives shoppers the option to try out items before making a final purchase—for free! Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose eligible products. Look for the “Try before you buy” badge on product pages to make sure you qualify for Amazon’s try-before-you-buy offer.
  2. Add your item or items to your cart, and then confirm your purchase. You will not be charged until after the designated time period has passed.
  3. Receive your item(s). Your order will arrive within two days, as long as it’s eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.
  4. Wear, try, enjoy! This is where you get to really test the product out and decide if it’s exactly what you want or need from the item in question. If so, Amazon will charge your card; if not, no charge is necessary—just return the item for free!
  5. (Optional) Make a final purchase if desired within 30 days of receiving the item—just click “Purchase Now” on Amazon’s website or app to complete the transaction.
  6. Return any unwanted items for free; simply print off a prepaid return label from Amazon’s website and attach it to any unwanted products so they can be shipped back at no cost!
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What Products Are Eligible for Try Before You Buy?

Shopping on Amazon gives you access to a variety of products that can be purchased through their Try Before You Buy program. From clothing and accessories to furniture and home goods, there are plenty of options for shoppers looking to get the most out of their Amazon experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of products eligible for the Try Before You Buy program:

  • Clothing: shirts, dresses, pants, outerwear, and more
  • Accessories: bags, jewelry, belts, hats, and other small items
  • Shoes: running shoes, dress shoes, sandals, and more
  • Furniture: beds, couches, tables, chairs, dressers and more
  • Home Goods: kitchenware, décor items like wall art or throw rugs

No matter what type of product you’re shopping for on Amazon, you can have the confidence knowing that if it’s eligible for the Try Before You Buy program it’ll be backed by a 30 day trial. That way you can make sure what you’ve ordered is just as great as it seemed online!

Pros and Cons of Try Before You Buy

When it comes to shopping online, try before you buy can be a great option. It allows shoppers to become more confident in their purchasing decisions by testing the product before they commit to it. But, like all shopping services, there are pros and cons that come with this option.


The primary benefit of try before you buy is that it helps shoppers make educated decisions without having to take a leap of faith and hope that their order is going to be exactly what they wanted. Additionally, this service does not require buyers to commit to anything until after they’ve already tested the product for themselves.


However, there are some disadvantages associated with try before you buy as well. For one, the shipping costs associated with this service can be quite high depending on how many items a shopper orders per month. Additionally, returning an item can also be a hassle if the shopper isn’t familiar with the return policy or process of the retailer or marketplace they’ve purchased from.

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How to Return Items on Amazon’s Try Before You Buy Program

Amazon’s Try Before You Buy program is designed to make shopping online easier and less of a “gamble” when it comes to clothes and accessories. But no matter how great a shopping experience is, sometimes things don’t work out.

So what do you need to know about returning items if you’ve ordered them through Amazon’s Try Before You Buy program? Here’s your guide:

Delivery Requirements

For your items to qualify for the Try Before You Buy program, they must be delivered to your designated address via Amazon Day shipping. Items ordered by other delivery methods will not be eligible for free returns. So make sure to double check your delivery method before placing your order!

Returns Process

If an item doesn’t fit properly or isn’t quite what you expected, all you need to do is head back over to the Amazon page where you’d originally purchased it. From there, select “Return Your Order” under the “Order Summary”. This will open up the return process, where you’ll be guided step-by-step through returning your item.

You can also check out Amazon’s return policy for more information on specific return conditions and deadlines – some items are ineligible for returns due to reasons such as hygiene or damage, so knowing the policy upfront can save a lot of time and hassle down the line!

FAQs About Amazon’s Try Before You Buy Program

You may have more questions about the Amazon Try Before You Buy program, so let’s review some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What Products Are Eligible?

Any product that’s eligible for Prime Wardrobe is also eligible for Amazon Try Before You Buy. That includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. In addition, select furniture items and larger home decor items are also eligible.

How Does Billing Work?

When you make a purchase withAmazon Try Before You Buy, you’ll be charged up-front for the whole order at checkout. The payment method that you have on file will be used to pay the full amount. However, if you decide to keep all or some of the items that you purchased within seven days after receiving your shipment, then Amazon will refund any returned items as an Amazon Credit equal to the price paid at checkout.

How Do I Return Items?

To return an item in your Amazon Try Before You Buy order, all you need to do is log into your account and go to Your Orders within seven days from the day you receive it in the mail. Then click Request a Return and follow the instructions provided onscreen. Keep in mind that for orders with multiple items in one box, you must return all of those items at once to receive a refund – partial refunds are not available for these orders.


Taking advantage of Amazon’s Try Before You Buy services can make online shopping more convenient and enjoyable. Now you can save time and effort by avoiding trips to the store and the hassle of returns. It’s easy to qualify, and simply requires selecting the Try Before You Buy option at checkout. Through Amazon Day, you can modify delivery days to arrive on your own schedule. Consider shopping with Amazon Try Before You Buy service to experience the ultimate convenience of buying online.

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