Elden Ring: How to Summon Lone Wolf Spirits

Have you been exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring and have come across some lone wolf ashes? These spectral wolves can be summoned to fight by your side, but figuring out how to actually summon them isn’t exactly straightforward. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Summoning your lone wolf spirit ashes is actually pretty simple once you know the steps. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll be calling on your wolf pack to help take down even the toughest bosses in no time.

How to Obtain Lone Wolf Ashes

To summon the lone wolves, you’ll first need to get your hands on some Lone Wolf Ashes. These can be found as loot drops from certain enemies or purchased from merchants around The Lands Between.

Once you have the ashes, you’ll need to equip them at a Site of Grace. Open the menu, select “Ashes of War & Spells” and choose the Lone Wolf Ashes you want to use. Equip them to your item shortcut menu so you can summon the wolves on the fly in battle.

When you run into an enemy or boss, summon your Lone Wolf pack for some extra muscle. To summon, make sure you have enough FP (focus points) and use the item shortcut to activate the ashes. The wolves will appear by your side, ready to attack on your command. You can have up to 3 Lone Wolves summoned at a time.

The wolves will follow you and attack any enemy you target or that targets you. However, their HP will deplete over time, so summon them when you need them most. The wolves can also be knocked out by enemies, so try to draw aggro away from them if possible. With the wolves at your side though, many battles will become much more manageable.

Using spirit ashes like the Lone Wolves allows you to turn the odds in your favor and overcome challenges that might otherwise seem insurmountable. Your furry friends can make all the difference, so show them some love – they deserve belly rubs and treats for being such good boys!

Where to Find the Lone Wolf Ashes

To summon the lone wolf spirits, you’ll first need to get your hands on the Lone Wolf Ashes. These can be found in several locations across the Lands Between.

One of the earliest places you can find the ashes is in Limgrave, at the Third Church of Marika. Head inside the church and look for a corpse holding the spirit ashes. Interact with it to obtain the Lone Wolf Ashes.

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Another spot where the ashes may appear is near the Minor Erdtree in eastern Limgrave. Defeat the Erdtree Burial Watchdog here and the ashes may drop as loot. If not, rest at a Site of Grace and return – the ashes should spawn on the ground near where the watchdog was.

  • In Caelid, check the isolated shack in the southern part of the region. The ashes can be found on a corpse inside.
  • In Liurnia, head to the Minor Erdtree near the Artist’s Shack. The ashes will be on the ground after defeating the Erdtree Burial Watchdog.

Once you have the ashes, you can summon the Lone Wolf spirits at Sites of Grace or while exploring. Simply open your inventory, select the Spirit Ashes item, and choose to summon the wolves. They will appear by your side to aid you in battle, distracting and attacking enemies. The more you use them, the more their power will increase.

With the Lone Wolf Ashes, you’ll have faithful companions to fight alongside you in your journey through the dangerous world of Elden Ring. So get out there, find those ashes, and summon your new allies!

Requirements to Summon Lone Wolf Spirits

To summon the Lone Wolf Ashes spirits in Elden Ring, you’ll need to meet a few requirements first.

Have the Lone Wolf Ashes item

The Lone Wolf Ashes are a spirit summoning item you can find in Limgrave. Defeat the Lone Wolf enemy to obtain the ashes, then take them to a Site of Grace to enable summoning the spirit.

Have enough FP

Summoning spirits requires FP, or focus points, which are replenished by using a Flask of Cerulean Tears. Make sure you have at least 35 FP available to summon the Lone Wolf.

Be in an area that allows summoning

You can only summon spirits in certain areas of the Lands Between, typically in dungeons, caves or open world areas. If the icon next to your HP bar is glowing, that means you can summon spirits in that location.

Look for the summoning stake

The summoning stake is a wooden post with blue runes that allows you to call upon your spirit companions. Stand near the stake, open your inventory and select the Lone Wolf Ashes to summon the spirit.

  • The Lone Wolf will then appear and fight by your side. It will continue attacking enemies until defeated or until you rest at a Site of Grace.
  • You can have a maximum of two spirits summoned at once. The Lone Wolf pairs well with other tanky melee spirits to draw enemy aggro.
  • Pay attention to the Lone Wolf’s health bar when summoned and try to prevent it from being defeated, as you’ll need to use another Flask of Cerulean Tears to resummon it.
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By meeting these requirements and keeping an eye on your FP and your spirit’s health, the Lone Wolf Ashes can be a formidable ally to aid you in battle. Use them wisely, Tarnished!

How to Summon the Lone Wolf Spirits

To summon the Lone Wolf Spirits in Elden Ring, you’ll need to get your hands on the Lone Wolf Ashes. These ashes allow you to conjure the spirits of fallen warriors to fight by your side. Here’s how to use them:

Find the Lone Wolf Ashes

The Lone Wolf Ashes can be found in Limgrave, in a chest near the Third Church of Marika. Make your way to the church and look for a chest on a cliff behind it. Open the chest to obtain the ashes.

Activate the Ashes at a Site of Grace

With the ashes in hand, rest at any Site of Grace. Select “Ashes of War” and choose the Lone Wolf Ashes to attune them. Your spirits are now ready to be summoned.

Use the Spiritcaller Bell to Summon

When you want to summon your Lone Wolf Spirits in battle, use the Spiritcaller Bell item. Ring the bell to conjure two spirits that will fight by your side. The wolves use quick attacks and frost magic to defeat enemies.

Upgrade the Spirits for More Power

You can strengthen your Lone Wolf Spirits by upgrading the ashes at a Site of Grace. Select “Ashes of War” and choose “Upgrade Ashes” to use Ghost Glovewort to enhance the spirits. Upgrading will increase their health, damage, and give them new abilities. At higher levels, the wolves can transform into more powerful frost wolves.

The Lone Wolf Spirits provide a strong ally in battle, using rapid strikes and magic to overcome foes. Summon them often in your adventures across the Lands Between, and keep upgrading the ashes to unlock their full potential. With the spirits fighting by your side, no enemy will stand in your way!

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Strategies for Using Lone Wolf Spirits in Battle

Summoning lone wolf spirits in Elden Ring can be a game changer during challenging battles. These spectral wolves fight by your side, distracting and damaging enemies so you can attack or heal. Here are some tips for making the most of your lone wolf ashes.

Choose the right spirit for the situation

The different lone wolf ashes—like the Demi-Human, Vulgar Militia, or Banished Knight spirits—have various attributes like attack power, agility, and survivability. Select a spirit that complements your playstyle and the enemies you’re facing. The more powerful spirits can withstand stronger foes, while the quicker ones are better for distracting groups.

Upgrade your spirit ashes

Like your weapons and armor, spirit ashes can be upgraded by giving Roderika certain materials. Upgrading improves their stats, allowing lone wolf spirits to last longer in battle and deal more damage. Prioritize upgrading the ashes you use most often.

Deploy your spirit at the right time

Don’t summon your lone wolf spirit right away in a fight. Wait until enemies have focused their attention on you, then summon the spirit. This allows the wolf to attack while the enemies’ backs are turned, maximizing the distraction. Also, summon spirits just before a boss performs a big attack so they can draw aggro, giving you an opening to strike or heal.

Fight alongside your spirit

Once summoned, don’t just sit back and let the lone wolf spirit do the work. Fight alongside them, performing combos and team attacks to quickly defeat enemies. Your spirit’s health and time in battle are limited, so make the most of their assistance. With teamwork, you’ll overcome challenges that would be nearly impossible alone.

Using lone wolf spirit ashes strategically in battle, upgrading them when possible, and fighting alongside them can help turn the tide against the many perils in the Lands Between. With practice, these spectral companions will become a key part of your combat strategy.

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