How to bookmark and access bookmarks on iPhone and iPad (Just 5 Steps)

With the ever-growing popularity of Iphone and Ipad, bookmarking capabilities have become essential for mobile device users. No longer is bookmarking a thing of the past–it’s here to stay with Iphone and Ipad! Keeping track of all your favorite websites, articles, and images is now easier than ever. With Iphone’s repeatability and Ipad’s convenience, bookmarking has certainly gained mainstream acceptance. Not only can you easily save pages you want to reference later but also access them any time without having to search through numerous tabs. Bookmarking on Iphone and Ipad: technology that makes life simpler one click at a time.

In this article you will learn :

  • Creating a bookmark on your device
  • Accessing the bookmarks you’ve created

Have your Ipone or Ipod device powered on and ready to use.

1 Create Bookmark (Safari)

  1. Open Safari.

2. Navigate to the page you desire to bookmark for easy access.

3.Touch and hold the Favorites button at the bottom.

4.Select Add Bookmark from the menu.

5.Give your bookmark a name, then select Save at the top right.

2 Access Bookmarks (Safari)

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Select Favorites at the bottom.
  3. Select Favorites.
  4. Select the Bookmark you’d like to visit to jump to the page instantly.

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