How to Cancel Your Poshmark Order: A Practical Guide

Whether you’ve accidentally bought something you didn’t want, or changed your mind after the purchase, sometimes it’s necessary to cancel your Poshmark order.

Fortunately, Poshmark makes it easy to do so. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. We’ll cover how to cancel a pending order before it ships out, and how to return an item that has already shipped.

This guide is for Poshmark shoppers who want to know how to cancel their orders quickly and easily. By the end of the article, you’ll be an expert at canceling any kind of order on Poshmark. So if you find yourself in need of a cancelation or return soon, read on and we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

How to Cancel Your Poshmark Order: A Practical Guide

Understanding Poshmark’s Cancelation Policy

If you’ve placed an order and want to cancel it, you’re in luck. Poshmark’s cancelation policy makes it easy for buyers to change their minds about a purchase within 3 hours of an order being placed.

If the item has not been shipped from the seller within 7 days, you can also cancel the order and receive a full refund. Note that if the item is already in transit, you will be responsible for all shipping costs and will incur a restocking fee for any returned items.

Sellers also have the ability to cancel orders—before they are shipped out— if they are no longer available or if shipping costs need to be recalculated or if a product is out of stock. If this is the case, any payments made by the buyer will be automatically refunded.

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How to Cancel an Order Before It Ships

If you haven’t received a shipping notification yet, the order is still in Poshmark’s possession and it hasn’t been sent off to the buyer. To cancel an order before it ships, take the following steps:

  • Log in to your account and visit your “Purchases” page.
  • Find the item you’d like to cancel and select it.
  • On the right side of your screen, there should be an “Order Actions” dropdown menu. Select “Cancel Order”.
  • Select a reason for cancelation from the list provided. You can choose from “I’m not interested in this purchase anymore,” “This is a duplicate order,” or “Other.”
  • Once you’ve selected your desired cancelation reason, click on “Submit” to confirm your cancelation request and complete the process.

You’re then given a confirmation of your order cancelation, and email notification is also sent to both you and the seller. It’s important to keep in mind that orders can only be canceled within 48 hours after being placed and must be canceled before they have shipped.

How to Cancel an Order After It Ships

If you have changed your mind about an order after it has shipped, you can still cancel it. Follow these steps to easily cancel your Poshmark order:

  1. Log into the Poshmark website or app
  2. Find your “shipped” order in the “Orders” section of My Account
  3. Click on the “Cancel Order” button and confirm your cancelation
  4. A refund will be issued within 3 business days
  5. If you have already received the package, please contact Poshmark and follow their instructions for returning the item
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If you need any assistance with canceling your order, please reach out to Poshmark’s customer service team for further help. They are available 24/7 and always happy to help!

What Happens if the Buyer Has Already Marked the Item as Received?

If you have already received a notification that your buyer has marked their item as received, it may be too late to cancel the order. However, Poshmark does allow for certain exceptions.

If the following conditions have been met:

  • You recently marked the item as shipped
  • The buyer has not yet uploaded a photo of themselves wearing or using the product
  • You contact customer service within 24 hours of receiving the notification that the buyer marked the item as received

Then you may be able to cancel your order. To do so, reach out to Poshmark Customer Support either through their in-app messaging feature or contact them via email at Include your order number, a description of why you would like to cancel and photos of the product (if applicable).

Understanding Your Rights for Cancelation and Refunds

It’s essential to understand your rights and the cancelation process before attempting to cancel your Poshmark order. Poshmark’s rules and regulations regarding cancelations are outlined in their Refund Policy. There are three different scenarios that need to be considered:

  1. Canceling an Unshipped Order

If you cancel an unshipped order, you will receive a full refund, including any shipping fees you have paid.

  1. Canceling a Shipped Order

If you had a change of heart and decide to cancel your order after it has been shipped, unfortunately there is no way for you to receive a refund for the item. However, if there is something wrong with your item or it does not match the description given by the seller, you can contact Poshmark’s customer support team and have them help you return the item for a full refund.

  1. Canceling Partially-Shipped Orders
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For orders that contain multiple items that haven’t been shipped yet, Poshmark allows customers to cancel only the unshipped items and receive a partial refund for those items.

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