How to Celebrate in Madden 23

If you’re like many Madden 23 players, you want to celebrate in style!

Celebrations have always been a part of the Madden experience, and this year is no exception. Whether you’re celebrating a big win or just having a little fun, celebrations can help make the game more exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

We’ll also provide some helpful tips on how to make your celebration stand out from the crowd and be one of the most memorable on the field. With the right approach, your celebration can add a personal touch to your big moment! So get ready to show off your skills and celebrate in style!

Ways to Celebrate in Madden 23

Madden 23 is packed with celebrations that you can use to show off your skills and express your joy at an awesome touchdown or defensive stop. Whether you want to share the excitement with your team, a few friends online, or just yourself, Madden 23 has everything you need.

First off, there are the classic taunts and dances that have been part of the game since its inception. Strike a pose, add a spinning twist, or just jump up and down—there are plenty of options to choose from. You can even customize your own moves in the Celebrations tab in the Gameplay Options Menu!

Next up is the Gamechanger feature. Here, you can select from over 50 different combinations of team-specific celebrations that will get the whole stadium buzzing and show your opponents that you mean business. As an added bonus, if you perform any of these with style, you’ll also be rewarded with some extra XP!

Finally, there’s a collection of signature celebrations for some of Madden 23’s biggest stars. From Aaron Rodgers’ Discount Double Check to Antonio Brown’s Juju Shimmy—you can access these unique motions in their Team Celebrations tab in the Gameplay Options menu. These are sure to be popular so pick yours and show it off today!

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Performing Emotes in Madden 23

With Madden 23, you now have the ability to celebrate in style with a variety of emotes. You can pick from a wide selection of celebratory emotes for touchdown dances, sack celebrations, or touchdown spikes.

To use an emote in celebration, press and hold the left bumper or trigger and a radial menu will appear on the left side of your controller with all the available emotes. Once you select an emote from the list, your chosen character will perform the animation automatically.

You can also customize your celebration by assigning specific animations to different buttons on your controller. To do this, open up the celebration menu for edit mode by pressing and holding both bumpers/triggers simultaneously. Choose an animation you want to attach to a button and press it on your controller to assign that animation. It’s easy to create your very own personalized celebration package!

Remember—you can also toggle “Sharing” in the Settings menu so that when you perform an emote, other players in-game will see it (including AI opponents). Get ready to show off your moves and celebrate every victory just like they do in the NFL!

Finding the Perfect Celebrations

You’ve got a score and now it’s time to show it off. Madden 23 gives players a host of ways to celebrate their victories, whether it’s with a classic move or something a little more creative.

Signature Celebrations

Each team has its own signature celebration, featuring some of its biggest stars miming famous plays from the season. Whether it’s the Patriots’ Tom Brady rushing up the sidelines after an amazing touchdown, or the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes throwing his trademark no-look pass for a first down, these celebrations are sure to inject some real-world drama into your virtual game.

Create Your Own Celebrations

Madden 23 also allows you to create your own custom celebrations. From tributes to fallen loved ones to memorable team moves, you can make sure your celebration is truly unique and expresses who you are as an athlete and a fan.

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Unlock New Celebrations

You can also unlock new celebrations by playing through the single player mode or taking part in online tournaments and challenges. As you complete tasks and missions, you can add new moves to your repertoire – so even when two teams have identical players on the field, they’ll never have quite the same style of celebration when they hit paydirt!

Celebrate With Kicks and Punts

Madden 23 allows you to have a ton of fun on the field. Bring your game to life with show-stopping celebrations, including kicks and punts!

To celebrate with kicks and punts, press the “A” button on Xbox and the “X” button on PlayStation. You can also give a kick or punt using the left joystick.

Kicks and punts are great for when you’re looking for a way to celebrate a touchdown, extra point, or even a field goal. You can also kick or punt after first downs, sacks, and interceptions. Keep in mind that kicks will be blocked if you have less than 10 yards of distance between you and your opponents.

When kicking or punting in Madden 23, make sure to time it right and practice aiming your kicks. This way, you’ll be able to soar through the air like an eagle and show off your skills on-screen both in single player mode and online play!

Low Risk Strategies to Celebrations

If you’re looking to celebrate in Madden 23 without running the risk of a penalty, there are a few strategies you can use. Here are some of the low-risk celebrations you can try out:


Flexing is one of the most popular and iconic ways to show your opponents that you won. It’s low-risk because it doesn’t involve any props or excessive movement. All you have to do is press a button, and your player will perform a simple flex and move on.

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High Fives

High Fives are another great way to celebrate without risking penalties. Your teammates will come together for a synchronized high five, which shows unity and team spirit without crossing any boundaries.

Air Guitar

Air Guitar is a fun way to get creative with your celebrations. Make sure you don’t go overboard and draw attention to yourself – keep it simple and short, and make sure it doesn’t look too outlandish on the field.

Customize Your Own Celebrations

Ready to show the world just how great you are? You can now customize your own celebrations in Madden 23—from simple gestures to full-on dance moves, the choice is yours.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started making your own celebration. First, open up the in-game menu and navigate to the ‘Celebration’ tab. Here you’ll find a list of customizable celebrations that you can choose from and edit. The more options you unlock, the more you can personalize your celebration.

Customization Options

You’ll have multiple customization options for each celebration: you can change how it looks by choosing different poses and animations, add special effects such as smoke or sparkles, and add different props like a flag or a ball.

Once you’ve perfected your celebration, take it out onto the field! Now all you have to do is score a touchdown and show off your signature move! With customizable celebrations in Madden 23, there’s no limit to how creative—and entertaining—you can be.

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