How to Do a Voiceover on TikTok in 3 Easy Steps

Voiceovers are a great way to make your TikTok videos stand out! Have you ever wanted to add a voiceover to your video, but weren’t sure how? Don’t worry – with our three easy-to-follow steps, you can have a professional-looking voiceover in no time.

Whether you’re looking to create a funny meme, or share your thoughts on something more serious, a voiceover can take your content up a notch. And if you want professional results without the hassle of expensive software or equipment?

How to Do a Voiceover on TikTok in 3 Easy Steps

Preparing the Audio Clip

Getting ready to do a voiceover on TikTok takes a bit of preparation, but it’s simple and straightforward. The first step is to choose an audio clip or song that you want to sync with your video. It should be something catchy and relatable, but also appropriate for the content you’re creating. You can choose an original work, a popular hit, or an instrumental track—whatever works best for you!

Once you’ve chosen your audio clip, you’ll need to adjust the length of the song so it syncs up with your video. This means cutting out any unnecessary parts that don’t fit the timing of your video clip. If necessary, you can use audio editing software like Adobe Audition or Audacity to make any adjustments.

Finally, save your audio file and upload it to TikTok’s audio library. If you’re choosing a popular track, there’s a good chance it will already be available in the library; if not, simply upload it as a new file. You’ll be ready to move onto the next step in no time!

Setting Up TikTok’s Voiceover Feature

If you’re looking to create a voiceover on TikTok, the first step is setting up your profile. The voiceover feature is available in both the iOS and Android versions of the app, so no matter which operating system you’re using, you’ll be able to access it.

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Once your account is set up, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the “Create” tab and select “Voiceover”.
  2. Select a video or photo from your camera roll. You can also record a video directly from within the app.
  3. Once you have chosen a video, tap on the Voiceover button and start recording! You can record for up to 60 seconds and then tap “Done” when you’re finished.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to share your voiceover with the world and start getting creative with audio on TikTok!

Posting Your Voiceover Video

To post your voiceover video, open the TikTok app and select the “Create” option. Once you’re in the creation page, you can upload your voiceover clip. Start by tapping the “+” icon and select the video clip that you created with your audio on it. After it uploads, you can add visual effects and adjust settings prior to posting.

When you’re ready to post, tap “Next” to preview your video and add a caption or hashtag if desired. You can also customize other settings, such as sharing options (for cross-posting) and privacy levels. When finished, click “Share Now” to post your voiceover video publicly on TikTok!

Adding Effects and Text to Enhance Your Voiceover

For an extra edge, you can make use of the various audio and visual effects available on TikTok. They can help to make your voiceover even more engaging and entertaining.

Audio Effects

Audio effects allow you to add ambiance, enhance the tone of your voice, or completely alter its character. You can use filters to selectively modify frequency ranges such as bass or treble or to manipulate the tone of your voice with pitch shifters or harmonizers. They can also be used for special effects like robot voices and other fun experimentation.

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Visual Effects

The visual effects available on TikTok are incredibly powerful tools for adding impact and drama to your voiceover. You can choose from a variety of filters, masks, animations, transitions, text overlays, and more that you can use to make your video come alive. With a careful selection of effects and judicious editing, you can add a level of production value that will take your video to the next level!

Tips for Making an Engaging Voiceover Video

So you’re ready to create an amazing voiceover video on TikTok! Here are some tips to make sure your video stands out in the crowd.

Find the Right Music

Music is essential to setting the tone for your video. Think about what genre you want to go for and how it will fit with the vibe of your voiceover. Also, don’t forget to adjust the volume of the music so that it doesn’t overpower your voiceover.

Choose Your Tools Wisely

You can do a voiceover on TikTok with just a phone and headphones — but consider investing in good-quality tools for better sound quality. Here are some tools we recommend:

  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Soundproofing materials (like soundproof foam or acoustic tiles)
  • Audio editing software

Use Visuals to Enhance Your Video

Your visuals should be used to enhance the narrative in the voiceover. You can do this by adding text or graphics to emphasize key points, or by creating graphics that move along with your words to help tell your story. Just make sure that whatever visuals you use don’t take away from what you’re saying — they should be used as accents, not distractions!

Monetizing Your Voiceover Videos

You can make some real money with your voiceover videos on TikTok! There are two ways to monetize content on the platform: with ads or through monetized posts.

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When you set up an ad campaign, you can authorize your video so that a 30-second ad is shown before it. You get paid a certain rate each time a viewer watches the full 30 seconds of your video. The amount you get paid will depend on your video’s quality, popularity, and other factors, but it’s generally a good way to make some money with your voiceovers.

Monetized Posts

Monetized posts allow users to collect donations from viewers while they watch their videos. You can link any type of payment providers such as PayPal or Venmo, and viewers can donate any amount they like to show their appreciation. This is an excellent way to get financial support for your work and continue pursuing a career in voiceovers!


All in all, doing a voiceover on TikTok is a great way to add a unique element to your videos and stand out from the crowd. It’s easy to learn and doesn’t take up too much time. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll be ready to take your TikToks to the next level with your own unique voiceovers.

Plus, once you’ve mastered the basics, you can experiment and find ways to make your voice-overs even more creative. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now, and give your TikTok videos the voice – and personality – they deserve!

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