How to Evolve Gligar to Reach Legends Arceus in Pokemon

If you’re a Pokémon master, you know that one of the best strategies is knowing when, where, and how to evolve your Pokémon. Evolving Gligar into a powerful Gliscor, for example, is no small feat. But when it comes to evolving Gligar into the Legendary Arceus? That’s an entirely different monster. One that requires knowledge, skill, patience…and a lot of luck.

Overview of Gligar and Arceus

Gligar is a dual Ground and Flying-type Pokemon found in the Pokemon games. In order to reach Legends Arceus, Gligar needs to be evolved. This can be done by leveling up in battle and earning experience points and candies from catching more Pokemon.

When Gligar reaches Level 24, it will evolve into Gliscor, a dual Ground and Flying-type with an improved moveset and stats compared to its pre-evolved form. From there it still takes several levels for your Gliscor to level up enough to reach Arceus.

To reach Legends Arceus, your Gliscor must reach Level 100. To do this you must earn as many experience points as possible – through battling other trainers or taking on elite four battles – as well as using Rare Candies when needed to give your Gligar a boost. Once you have leveled up to Level 100, your Gligar will evolve into Legends Arceus!

Evolving Gligar: Steps and Requirements

If you want to obtain the legendary Arceus in the Pokémon games, then you’ll need to evolve your Gligar first. But, how do you go about doing this?

The process of evolving your Gligar requires two steps and several requirements that must be met. The first step involves leveling up your Gligar to reach level-up 22. At this level-up, Gligar will evolve into Gliscor. It is important to note that only during the daytime can you successfully evolve Gligar into Gliscor.

The second step is even more involved and requires a little bit of luck on the part of the player. To get an Arceus, you will need to obtain an everstone and have it equipped by your Gliscor while it is on level-up 53. Being successful at this will trigger a special event where you will be able to capture the legendary Arceus.

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So, make sure you’re prepared for your journey ahead—leveling up and equipping that everstone are going to be key for evolving your Gligar!

Training and Strengthening Gligar

Are you ready to take Gligar to the next level by evolving it? Before it can become the ultimate legendary Pokémon Arceus, Gligar must go through some training and strengthening. Here’s how you can do it:

Get Gligar to Level Up

Leveling up is one of the most important steps when it comes to evolving a Pokémon and Gligar is no exception. Try using Rare Candy to get Gligar up to at least Level 32 if you want it to evolve into Gliscor.

Strengthen and Evolve Gligar with Technical Machines (TMs)

Using Technical Machines can help strengthen your Pokémon and give them new moves before they evolve. TMs are powerful aids that can help increase the type-effectiveness of moves, like meteor mash for steel-type attacks or energy ball for grass-type attacks. You also have access to regular TMs which allow you to teach your Pokémon powerful moves such as dragon pulse, thunderbolt, and ice beam.

By improving its stats with TMs and leveling it up, you’re well on your way to getting the strong and consistent Pokémon Arceus that we all dream of! Go get ‘em, trainer.

Tips for Battling With a Gligar

If you want to reach Legends Arceus with a Gligar, then you’re going to need to be a pretty good battler. To give you the best chance of success, here are a few tips and tricks to help you along the way:

Timing is Everything

Gligar’s timing has to be just right in order for it to evolve into its final form. If it levels up during the night, it will evolve into Gliscor, while if it levels up during the day, it will become Gligar. This means that you need to pay attention when you’re out there in the wild and make sure that your Gligar evolves at exactly the right time.

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Stock Up on Potions

Battling with a Gligar is no easy feat, so make sure that you have plenty of options on-hand. You’ll need them to heal any damage that your Gligar might take during battle, so stocking up on potions is an absolute must if you’re serious about reaching Legends Arceus.

Build an Effective Team

It’s tempting to just throw your Gligar into battle and hope for the best, but that’s not going to get you very far! Be sure that the rest of your team is effective and can cover any weaknesses that your Gligar might have. With a well-thought-out team behind it, your Gligar will be much more likely to succeed in battle.

If you want to evolve your Gligar and eventually get it to the Legend Arceus, there are some strategies you should consider. First of all, the type of matchup is going to be your greatest challenge. Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon while Gligar is a Ground/Flying type. You’ll need to come up with a strategy that gives you an advantage against the Normal-type moves Arceus will use.

Choose Special Moves

Special moves are typically more effective than physical ones for battling Arceus. A Gligar with special moves like Earthquake and Hyper Voice can stand toe-to-toe with Arceus if used correctly. If you can land these moves and deplete Arceus’ health significantly, then evolving your Gligar may be worth it.

Use Weaknesses Against It

Arceus has several weaknesses including Rock, Water, Ice, Dark, and Steel-types of moves. You can select a move that targets one of these weaknesses and prepare for battle in advance. However, keep in mind that much of the success in this battle depends on luck as well since Arceus is an extremely powerful random encounter Pokemon.

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Know Your Teammates

If you’re bringing teammates into battle with you, make sure they have good types of coverage too – their moves should complement each other so that no matter what type of attack comes at you from Arceus, one or more of them will be able to counter it effectively. Put in the time before engaging in battle to make sure your team is composed of Pokemon who are up for the task at hand!

Rewards for Reaching Legends Arceus

Evolving Gligar to reach Legends Arceus will require lots of dedication and hard work, but trust us, the rewards are worth it!

Rare Candy

The first reward you’ll get is rare candy. Every evolution grants you more rare candies — up to 20 if you evolve all the way up to Legends Arceus. This is great if you want to raise your Pokemon’s stats and level up quickly.


These rare candy rewards also come with Stardust as well as other Evolution Items. Stardust will help you boost your Pokémon’s CP, and make it a lot tougher when facing off against other trainers.

Shiny Gligar Trophy Reward

Finally, once you reach Legends Arceus your efforts will be rewarded with a shiny trophy — an exclusive reward only accessible by evolving Gligar all the way up! This special shiny trophy symbolizes the hard work (and fun!) that was put into getting your Pokémon there.

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