How to Find lost AirPods that are offline and dead

It’s a familiar feeling of panic and dread; you just realized that your AirPods are missing. You quickly check your pocket, backpack, and wallet but nothing. You’re sure you put them back in the case last night – so what happened?

It could be that your AirPods have gone offline and died. This means the Bluetooth connection has been lost, the battery is flat, or they’ve simply been turned off. If this has happened to you, don’t worry – there are some simple steps you can take to help find lost AirPods that are offline and dead.

How to Find lost AirPods that are offline and dead

Understanding How AirPods Work

Your AirPods are designed to remain online and connected to your mobile device for as long as possible. This means that when you lose one, it can be difficult to track down. But understanding how AirPods work can help you find them even if they’re offline and dead.

First, AirPods need to be in close proximity to your device—they use Bluetooth technology and will only stay connected as long as they are within one to three meters of your mobile device. If they move out of range, they will disconnect from your device and enter an “offline” state.

Second, AirPods have a built-in battery that should last for five hours of listening time before recharging. That said, if the battery runs out before you can find them, then the AirPods will no longer be able to communicate with your mobile device or any other connected Apple products due to their being “dead.”

Finally, know that when you lose your AirPods and they become offline or dead, you can still find them using other tools such as Tile or FindMyiPhone app.

Finding a Lost AirPod Within Find My App

If you’ve lost one of your AirPods, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone to locate it. The app needs Bluetooth to be enabled on your device and will only work if the AirPods remain paired to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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When you open the Find My app and select the AirPods from a list of devices, two options will be available: Play Sound and Directions.

If your AirPod isn’t connected or offline, tapping “Play Sound” will cause the AirPod to emit a sound. This sound is quite loud and can be heard from far away so you should have no trouble finding it. Make sure to listen carefully in case it has fallen under furniture or behind other objects.

Once you have narrowed down the location of your lost earbud, you can use the “Directions” option in Find My app for further guidance. This feature provides directions with step-by-step guides so that you can track down your lost AirPod with ease.

Setting Up Find My iPhone/iPad

If you have an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, you can easily set up a system to quickly find your AirPods if they’re ever lost.

To set up Find My iPhone/iPad:

  1. Log into your iCloud account
  2. Under the “Settings” tab click “Your Name” and then select “Find My”
  3. Make sure that “Share My Location” and “Find My (device)” are both enabled
  4. Select the devices you want to be able to locate once enabled, which could include your AirPods
  5. You’ll then receive a prompt on your device connecting to it and allowing you to track it via GPS if it ever gets lost or stolen
  6. You can also enable a feature called “Offline Finding” from the iOS 13 update that allows you to locate your device even when it’s not connected to the internet, even if it has run out of battery life
  7. Once activated, any AirPods connected to your device will show up on a map – making them easy to spot and find!
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Going Offline With Find My and Where to Look

It can be a stressful ordeal when you realize your AirPods are missing, but there are ways to help you find them. If your AirPods go offline and become completely dead, you can still use the Find My feature to locate them.

Find My

This setting is available on Apple devices and requires you to have already set up Find My before your AirPods went offline. This service will show you the last known location of your AirPods and enable you to make them play a sound so that you can locate them quickly.

Where To Look

If Find My doesn’t work, it’s time to start looking around. Check your car, between seats and cushions, or anywhere else that might have a chance of hiding your AirPods. Additionally, turning on Bluetooth for other Apple devices or using the audio jack help with your search.

Retracing Your Steps and Searching for the Lost AirPod

When you are sure that your AirPods are, unfortunately, lost and offline, there is still one last hope – retracing your steps.

If you can remember where you had them last, that is the best place to start. Go back to that location and take a look around. You’d be surprised how often people find their lost items simply by looking around where it was last seen.

If that doesn’t work, it might be helpful to consult your surrounding area for clues. If you were in a busy area like a mall or park, ask others who may have seen what happened – think of store clerks or other people who could have possibly seen the misplaced AirPod.

Another great tip is to keep your eyes open for surfaces with dampness or pools of liquid; this could indicate a water spill or some other unfortunate event involving your AirPod. Don’t forget to look under furniture and crevices too- AirPods can get stuck in strange places! Lastly, if nothing else works, there’s always the option of turning on “Lost Mode” on your iPhone to help you search for the lost AirPod even more effectively.

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Narrowing Down Your Search With Clues

If your AirPods are offline and not able to be located with the Find My app, there are still clues you can use to try to locate them.

The first is sound. Listen closely for a sound like a chirp, or if the AirPods are out of battery, a tone that sounds like someone is blowing into a bottle. This is the same sound your phone makes when connected to your AirPods. If you hear this sound, follow it and you may be able to narrow down its location.

Checking Your Last Locations

Another way to search for your lost AirPods is to check through any locations that you visited recently with them in tow. Think about places you may have set them down or taken them out and forgotten about them. You can also think back on any conversations where they may have been mentioned.

These are just two methods of narrowing down your search, but by using these clues you may be able to locate your lost AirPods even when they’re disconnected and offline.

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