How to Make a Blade in Little Alchemy: A Simple 3 Step Process

Have you ever felt stuck in Little Alchemy? You’ve been mixing and matching for what feels like hours, and yet you can’t figure out how to make the one thing you need: a blade. Fear not, because you’re not alone. A lot of us have been there.

The good news is that with the right recipe, making a blade in Little Alchemy is actually surprisingly easy. In this article, I’m going to share with you my three-step process for how to make a blade in Little Alchemy—one that works every single time. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be whipping up blades (and other items!) like an alchemy pro! Let’s get started!

Gathering the Ingredients: Metal and Sharpness

Making a blade in Little Alchemy isn’t as daunting as it may seem! To bring a blade into existence, all you need are two existing ingredients: metal and sharpness. Fortunately, this combination is easily obtained.

To begin with, you must first find the Metal element. This can be done by combining Fire and Earth in the app’s crafting menu. After that, you’ll need the Sharpness element to give the metal its blade-like quality. To do so, simply combine Earth and Wind to get your hands on this ingredient.

If you’ve followed these two steps, then congratulations! You should now have both ingredients needed to craft a Blade in Little Alchemy. All that’s left is one small step to meld them together—read on to learn more!

Combining Metal and Sharpness

Now it’s time to combine the two elements you already have—metal and sharpness. To do that, you’ll need to drag and drop one element onto the other. In this case, you’ll want to drag the metal element onto the sharpness element.

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Voila! You’ve now created a blade! This blade can be used in a variety of ways on Little Alchemy, from cutting down trees to activating windmills. As you can see, it’s both an incredibly useful tool and a nice addition to your completed Little Alchemy collection.

It’s important to remember that blades in Little Alchemy can also be combined with other elements to create new items, such as swords and axes. With some experimentation, you can find all sorts of interesting combinations that will help you progress in the game.

Waiting for Your Blade to Form

Now you’re ready to wait for your blade to form! But it won’t be easy—you’ll need to be patient and wait for a little bit before your blade appears.

The exact length of time varies, but it typically takes anywhere from 10 seconds to one minute. While you wait, you can move on the other elements if you want. Or, if you prefer, you can just sit back and watch the process unfold before your eyes.

Once your blade is formed—congratulations! Your hard work is done and now it’s time to use this blade however you see fit in your game. If you have other elements that need combining or crafting, don’t forget that the blade can be used as a tool to help make this happen.

So don’t forget to take a break every now and then and enjoy the fruits of your labor by using your new blade!

Uses for the Blade in Little Alchemy

So, what can you do with a new blade in Little Alchemy? Here are just a few of the ways it can be used:

  1. Crafting Tools: You can use blade to craft tools like axes and hammers, which are essential for completing tasks like gathering wood or building structures.
  2. Combat: The blade can also be used in combat scenarios, either against monsters or other players. It’s an effective weapon that can easily take your opponents down a notch.
  3. Defense: Blades are also great for self-defense – they make great deterrents against would-be attackers and can help you ward off any potential danger.
  4. Cooking: Don’t forget that blades make great culinary tools as well – you can use them to chop, mince and dice ingredients for cooking up tasty recipes!
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Whether you’re looking to build something, defend yourself or whip up some delicious eats, the blade is an invaluable tool in Little Alchemy that will provide countless uses!

Creating Advanced Tools With the Blade

Now that you know how to make a blade in Little Alchemy, what can you do with it? You can create advanced tools such as axes and swords.

Axes have been used for millennia, and in Little Alchemy you can create one with just two simple steps! Simply combine the blade with the log to get an ax. The log represents the handle of the ax, and it provides durability as well as protection from the sharpness of the blade. With this primitive tool, you’ll be able to chop down trees and collect logs, which will help you progress in the game.

Swords are another useful tool that can be created in Little Alchemy. To make a sword, all you need is a blade and metal. Just like an ax, when a blade is combined with metal it forms a more advanced tool. This sword gives your character an edge against monsters and other players in battle—it increases your attack power and protection!

With just two simple items—the blade and either a log or metal—you can unlock new levels of gameplay by creating powerful tools like axes and swords. So don’t forget to make use of your blades when playing Little Alchemy!

Tips for Creating the Blade More Efficiently

You want to create a blade in Little Alchemy as quickly as possible, right? Here are a few tips to do just that:

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Use the Search Feature

The search feature is your best friend when you’re trying to make a blade. Type in “blade” or “knife” and you’ll get several combination suggestions—something like “air + metals” or “fire + metal”—which makes it much easier to craft the blade you’re looking for.

Look for Pattern Combinations

Once you understand some of the basic patterns, it’s much easier to mix and match elements together. For example, if you know that air plus fire makes energy, then combining that with metal will create a blade—because energy plus metal creates a knife.

Check the Latest Updates

The Little Alchemy updates are always adding new elements, which can be certain combinations—or even a simple two-item mixture—that will make your life much easier when it comes to crafting blades and other items. So be sure to stay on top of the latest updates for even faster crafting!

By staying on top of these tips, you’ll be able to make a blade in no time in Little Alchemy. Good luck!

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