How to Make a Tool in Little Alchemy in 4 Simple Steps

Gather the Base Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

To make a tool in Little Alchemy, you’ll need to start with the four basic elements: earth, fire, water, and air.

  1. Combine earth and fire to create the stone. Stone is essential for crafting tools.
  2. Next, combine stone and wood (which you can make from earth and air) to create a hammer. A hammer is a basic but useful tool for shaping other materials.
  3. Now use your hammer to pound stone into sharp stone. Sharp stone can then be attached to wood to make an ax, another essential tool.
  4. An ax allows you to chop down trees to gather wood, which opens up many new crafting possibilities. You can use wood to make a saw, plow, shovel, and more.

With the fundamental elements and a few basic tools, you’ll be crafting in no time. Little Alchemy may seem simple at first, but with over 500 items to discover, it offers hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Keep experimenting by combining different materials to see what you can create. The possibilities are endless!

Combine Earth and Fire to Create Metal

To make a tool in Little Alchemy, you’ll need to start with the basic elements. Combine earth and fire to get metal, one of the key ingredients for tools.

Once you have metal, you’ll also want wood. Wood comes from combining earth and air. Now that you have metal and wood, you can put them together to make a hammer. A hammer is one of the most useful tools to have in Little Alchemy.

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With a hammer, you can start crafting even more tools. Add stone to your hammer to make an ax. An ax will allow you to chop down trees to get more wood. More wood means you can make things like a saw, shovel, and hoe.

A saw, made from metal and wood, lets you cut wood into planks to build structures. A shovel, also metal and wood, help you dig and move dirt around. And a hoe, made of wood and metal, allows you to till soil and farm crops.

In just a few simple steps, you’ve made metal and wood, then combined them to create tools that will help you advance to the next stages of the game. Keep experimenting with different element combinations to discover new tools and materials. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole workshop of DIY tools to help build your world.

Add Water to Create Rust

To make a tool in Little Alchemy, you’ll need to combine earth, fire, water, and air elements. Once you have metal, adding water will create rust, a key ingredient for tools.

Add Water to Metal

After creating metal by combining earth and fire, add water to produce rust. When water is added to the metal, it causes oxidation, creating rust. Rust is essential for crafting tools in Little Alchemy.

  • Tap on the metal element, then tap on the water droplet to combine the two.
  • Rust will appear, reddish-brown in color.
  • Rust represents corrosion and decay, but is necessary for crafting certain items.

With rust, you can now make a variety of tools like the saw, hammer, plow and ax. Tools allow you to manipulate the environment and build new creations in Little Alchemy. Keep experimenting by combining rust with other elements to discover new tools and advance to more complex items.

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The key is balancing the elements – not too much of anyone, but just the right amount of each. Mastering the elemental combinations will make you an expert alchemist in no time! What will you build next? A house, cart, or even a whole city? The possibilities are endless once you have the tools to create.

Let your imagination run wild and have fun crafting new inventions from simple beginnings. Little Alchemy may seem simple at first, but can become quite complex with over 500 items to make!

Combine Rust and Wood to Create a Tool

To make a tool in Little Alchemy, you’ll need to combine rust and wood. Here’s how:

Gather the Ingredients

First, make sure you have rust and wood available in your library of elements. If not, here’s how to create them:

  • Rust: Combine fire and water, then combine the result (steam) with metal.
  • Wood: Combine earth and air.

Combine Rust and Wood

Once you have rust and wood, simply drag and drop one element onto the other. For example, take the rust element and drop it onto the wood element. A tool will now appear in your library of elements.

Use the Tool

Now that you have a tool, you can use it to craft other items. For example, combine the tool with stone to make an ax, or combine the tool with metal to make a hammer. The possibilities are endless!

Tools open up a whole new level of item creation in Little Alchemy. With some experimentation, you’ll be crafting complex items in no time. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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