How to Use a Crossbow in Witcher 3

If you’re playing Witcher 3, then you know the power of a crossbow. With its long range and high accuracy, it can help you take down your enemies from a distance. The crossbow is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can be used to great effect.

How to Use a Crossbow in Witcher 3

Introduction to the Crossbow

The crossbow is a useful and highly effective weapon in Witcher 3. It’s lightweight, requires little skill to wield, and can be used both for long-range combat and to silently take down your enemies.

Thanks to its versatility, the crossbow has been a staple in the Witcher series since its inception—and now that it’s featured prominently in Witcher 3, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make use of it. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Crossbows are capable of firing bolts with increased speed and force due to their drawable mechanics. This makes them ideal for long-range combat or taking out targets from a distance before they can react.
  • Crossbows can also be used at close range, making them great for sneak attacks while remaining undetected.
  • With the right upgrades, you can increase accuracy, increase fire rate and equip different types of bolts such as daggers or incendiary bombs.

Whether you’re playing as Geralt of Rivia or using one of the other powerful characters in Witcher 3, the crossbow is an incredibly useful and deadly weapon—so it’s worth familiarizing yourself with its capabilities before heading into battle.

Crafting and Upgrading the Crossbow

Crafting and upgrading the crossbow in Witcher 3 can be a handy way to stay ahead of your foes. The crossbow is a very powerful weapon when upgraded, so it’s worth taking the time to learn how to craft and upgrade it.

To craft a crossbow, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials and supplies. You’ll need steel to make the body of the weapon, leather strips for the bowstring, and metal components for attaching additional features like scopes and silencers. Once you have all of these components, you’ll need to visit a blacksmith in one of the cities to put it all together.

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To upgrade your crossbow, you’ll need special crafting items called glyphs. These can be purchased at merchants or looted from lesser foes you encounter in your travels through Witcher 3’s massive world. Glyphs come in two varieties, standard and advanced. Standard glyphs are relatively cheaply priced, but advanced glyphs are much more expensive but hold greater potential for enhancing your weapon’s power. Once you equip them with your crossbow, they will increase their damage output and accuracy significantly.

Learning to Aim and Fire the Crossbow

Learning to aim and fire the crossbow in Witcher 3 is quite straightforward. You can either fire manually or opt for the auto-aim option. In manual mode, you will need to aim down your sights and pull the trigger to shoot. The auto-aim button (usually R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox) will make aiming much easier by locking onto a target.

Once you have selected your target, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Check your distance from the target – this will affect how much power you should use to fire the crossbow. The farther away a target is, the more power you will need.
  2. Adjust your aim, so that it’s precise and accurate using either manual or auto-aim
  3. Fire the weapon – press and hold down R2/RT for a precise shot or press it once for an auto-shot
  4. Switch targets quickly by pressing R3/RS and immediately switch your target without having to manually adjust your aim again

By following these steps, even novice archers are able to accurately hit their targets with relative ease with a crossbow in Witcher 3!

Strategies for Combos and Combos Finisher With the Crossbow

Using a crossbow in Witcher 3 carries a number of advantages for both tactical and strategic playstyles. Of particular note is the ability to execute combos and Combo Finishers with it. Here’s how:

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To execute a combo with the crossbow, press the R1/RB button while aiming with the L2/ LT trigger. This will have Geralt fire a bolt at an enemy, who will then be paralyzed. At this point, use your sword to attack the enemy while they’re stunned and unlock additional bonuses, such as increased damage output or access to powerful Combos Finishers.

Combo Finishers

A successful Combo Finisher requires 4 successful hits on an enemy before Geralt can unleash his most powerful strikes with either his sword or crossbow. When aiming with your crossbow, you can use the left stick on your console controller to switch between firing modes (single shot or multiple shots).

Using item Upgrades from Mutagens, you can greatly increase your odds of success when performing Combos and Combo Finishers. For example, Mutagens that boost Critical Hit Chance and Damage output will make Geralt’s attacks more deadly and help him take down even the toughest enemies quickly and efficiently.

Tips for More Effective Killing With the Crossbow

Using a crossbow in Witcher 3 can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, as it allows you to take out enemies from afar with precision and accuracy. To get the most out of your crossbow and make those kills count, here are some tips:

  1. Pay Attention to Distance: The crossbow is more effective at closer ranges. It has a limited range, so make sure you are close enough for the arrows to reach their target before firing.
  2. Choose the Right Ammo: Different arrows have different properties which can make them more or less effective for different situations. Make sure you’re using the right ammo for the job, such as using silver bolts on monsters or explosive bolts on structures like walls and barricades.
  3. Try fire Arrows: Fire arrows are some of the most powerful arrows in the game and are very effective against groups of enemies that are closely packed together. They do low single-target damage, but with multiple enemies nearby they can be devastatingly effective.
  4. Aim For Weak Spots: Every enemy has weak spots that can be targeted with a crossbow to deal extra damage. Aiming for these weak spots when possible can help take down targets faster than just firing randomly into a crowd of enemies.
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With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to use a crossbow in Witcher 3 more effectively and have an easier time taking down enemies from a distance!

Finding Parts and Upgrading Your Crossbow

Once you’ve acquired the Crossbow, it’s time to find the right parts and upgrade it. Witcher 3 offers a range of upgrade paths and materials to craft the perfect tool for your task. You can find parts at merchants, on monsters, and in chests across the world.

Crafting Parts

By crafting parts and sockets with diagrams, you can upgrade the various components of your Crossbow. Here are some of the crafting materials you’ll need:

  • Steel
  • Dark Steel
  • Master Crafted Steel
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Iron Ore
  • Meteorite Ore
  • Platinum Ore

These components require specific diagrams to craft, which you can find at treasure hunters or purchase from vendors all over the game world. Once you have these diagrams in hand (as well as the required crafting items), it’s time to start upgrading your Crossbow!

Upgrading Your Crossbow with Runes and Gems

In addition to crafting materials, Witcher 3 also offers a range of magical runes and gems that you can use to further enhance your Crossbow. These powerful enchantments have various effects – depending on their type – such as increasing your Crossbow’s damage, adding special effects to attacks (like poison damage), or buffing your character’s stats when using it (such as increased speed). Each rune or gem that you attach requires a specific type of socket – so make sure to equip the right ones before attempting any upgrades!

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