Make Changes Now: How to Cancel a Grubhub Order

Overview of Grubhub Cancelation Policies

Getting food delivered from your favorite restaurant seems like a great idea…until you place an order you don’t need or want anymore. Fortunately, Grubhub offers clear and straightforward ways to cancel your order and get a refund, no matter what type of order you’ve placed.

Whether you made the order online, through the app, or over the phone, there are two primary ways to cancel:

Online or on the App: For any orders placed online, you can cancel in the app or on the website with just a few clicks. All you need to do is open up Your Order tab, select “View Order Details” and hit “Cancel Order”.

By Phone: You can also call Grubhub’s customer service line if it’s within 30 minutes of when you placed your order and ask them to cancel it for you—though cancelation fees may apply depending on how early in the process your request comes in.

Steps to Cancel an Order in the Grubhub App

Canceling a Grubhub order is easy and can be done directly from your mobile device. Here’s how you can cancel an order in the Grubhub app:

  1. Open the app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the “Order History” tab from the main menu.
  3. Select the order that you would like to cancel by tapping on the corresponding date of purchase.
  4. Once you are on the order page, tap “Cancel Order” which can be found at the bottom of your screen, next to “Contact Restaurant” and “Rate Order”.
  5. A prompt will appear confirming whether or not you want to cancel this order. Select “Yes” to confirm, or “No” if you do not want to cancel this order after all.
  6. Once your confirmation is in, an email containing cancelation details will be sent straight to your inbox! You will also see a notification stating that your cancelation has been successful in the Grubhub app itself.
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That’s it! You can easily make changes when you need to with just a few taps in Grubhub’s app—it’s as simple as that!

How to Request a Refund for a Canceled Order

If you need to request a refund after you’ve canceled your order, Grubhub can help with that too. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your Grubhub account and go to the Orders page.
  2. Find the order you’d like to request a refund for, and click on the ‘Request Refund’ link next to the order number.
  3. Fill out the short refund form and submit your request.
  4. You will receive an email confirming that your refund request has been received and is being processed by Grubhub.
  5. Once processed, you will receive a second email from Grubhub with information about when to expect your refund back onto the payment method used for the original purchase.

Grubhub’s customer service team is always on hand if you have any additional questions or need help with navigating their website. Their support team is available 24/7 so no matter what time of day it is, they are there to lend a helping hand wherever needed!

Reasons for Grubhub Not Processing Your Refund

Sometimes, Grubhub might not process your refund. This can be because of a few different reasons:

Technical issues or glitches

Sometimes, technical issues or glitches on the Grubhub platform can prevent your refund from processing. If this happens, you will need to contact customer service directly to make sure that your refund gets processed properly.

Merchant doesn’t accept refunds

In some cases, the merchant that you are ordering from might not accept refunds from Grubhub. If this is the case, there isn’t much that you can do except for contacting customer service and seeing if there is anything they could do to get your refund processed.

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Miscommunication between customer and merchant

Sometimes, miscommunication between yourself and the merchant can also cause delays in getting your refund processed correctly. In this case, you will need to contact customer services to explain the issue and ask them to intervene and help with getting your money back from the restaurant.

If any of these reasons seem like they may have caused a delay in processing your refund, then be sure to contact customer service as soon as possible so that they can help resolve the issue quickly.

What to Do if You Did Not Receive a Refund

If you placed an order and canceled it but didn’t receive a refund right away, don’t fret—there’s a few steps you can take to make sure that you get your money.

First things first: check the status of your refund. Grubhub’s refunds vary in time and depend on the payment method used, but they typically process within four business days. If more than four business days have passed since you canceled your order, you should contact Grubhub directly for help.

Talk to customer support if refund is not received

If contacting customer service doesn’t seem to be helping, or if you still haven’t received your refund after four business days, you may need to try other channels of communication such as emailing Grubhub Support or speaking directly with the restaurant where you placed the order from.

Regardless of which course of action you take, make sure that all relevant information is available when contacting Grubhub—including your order number, payment method and payment receipt associated with your canceled order. This will help them expedite the process of getting your refund processed quickly.

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Tips for Checkout and Avoiding Cancelations

Canceling an order can be a hassle, but luckily there are some tips you can use to make the checkout process easy, and avoid having to cancel your order in the first place.

Read the Terms

When ordering through Grubhub, it’s important to read the terms and conditions that come along with your order. This can help you avoid any unexpected fees or charges, and make sure that you understand the full details of your purchase.

Check for Promotions

Grubhub often runs promotions and discounts that you can use when ordering – so make sure to check every time you place an order to see if there is a promotion available. It may save you some money in the long run!

Don’t Wait Until Last Minute

If possible, try not to wait until the last minute to place your order. This is especially important during peak times when restaurants are busy – delays may occur, and if you don’t have enough lead time then you might need to cancel your order.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to ensure that your Grubhub orders go off without a hitch – no cancelations necessary!

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