Unsubscribing From Amazon FreeTime: What You Need to Know

You’ve decided to unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime, and we’re here to help you out. With Amazon FreeTime, you can access tens of thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

But maybe you want to switch over to a different subscription, or maybe you just don’t need it any more. That’s totally fine—sometimes it’s just time for a change. Regardless of your reasons for canceling, the process is relatively straightforward—but there are a few steps involved. In this article, we’ll outline exactly what you need to know about unsubscribing from Amazon FreeTime.

Overview of Amazon FreeTime

Amazon FreeTime is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon that provides kid-friendly content. It includes books, apps, videos, and games from the Amazon app store—all curated specifically for children’s education and entertainment. It also offers parents an easy way to manage their child’s online experience.

Parents can monitor and manage their child’s activity with tools such as setting limits on screen time, setting educational goals by subject or age group, and selecting age-appropriate content for each child. Plus, FreeTime also allows parents to set digital ground rules for their children such as how much time they are allowed to spend using the tablet each day or how much time they can spend playing games.

If you’ve decided that your family no longer needs the benefits of Amazon FreeTime, you may be wondering how to go about canceling your subscription. We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ll cover what you need to know in order to properly unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime.

Benefits of Amazon FreeTime

Amazon FreeTime is one of the best parental control options out there. It allows parents to set up a safe environment where their kids can explore and play, while protecting them from explicit content and giving parents peace of mind.

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This service boasts a wealth of features to help you customize your family’s experience, such as a library of age-appropriate books, videos, apps, and websites. It also limits usage time for each child, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging them from their devices—FreeTime will do it for you. Moreover, it’s completely free for Fire tablets and compatible with Alexa devices, making it an even more enticing option.

While FreeTime offers some great features and benefits, it may not be the right fit for your family or household. That’s why understanding how to unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime can be important.

How to Cancel Amazon FreeTime

If you decide to unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime, there are three ways to do it. It’s important to note that once you unsubscribe, all content and profiles associated with your FreeTime account will be removed.

On Your Amazon Device

If you’re unsubscribing from Amazon FreeTime on an Amazon device like a Kindle Fire or Echo Dot, you can do so directly on the device.

First, open the Amazon app and navigate to Settings > Parental Controls > Manage FreeTime Subscription. Select ‘Unsubscribe’ and confirm your decision.

On Your Computer

Alternatively, you can cancel your Amazon FreeTime subscription online. To do this, login to your Amazon account on any web browser and go to ‘Your Content and Devices’ > Manage Your Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription for the child who has the active FreeTime subscription.

Contact Customer Service

Lastly, if for some reason you are unable to cancel your subscription yourself or have any other issues canceling it, you can always contact customer service for help with canceling your subscription. They will be more than happy to help!

Options for Unsubscribing From Amazon FreeTime

Maybe you’re done with Amazon FreeTime and you want to cancel. Fortunately, Amazon knows how to make things easy. There’s an unsubscribe link you can use to stop your subscription—you’ll need to log into your Amazon account, but after that it’s just a few clicks and you’re all set.

But before you click the big red ‘Unsubscribe’ button, there are a couple of other options too:

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Temporarily Pause Your Subscription

If your kids are taking a break from using their devices for a while, then you can simply pause the subscription for free. You won’t be charged for anything during this time, but when you’re ready to go back online all your settings will be exactly as they were before.

Switch Plans or Add Ons

Maybe you don’t want to unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime altogether—maybe you just want to switch plans or add ons? Again, no problem! It’s easy—all the information is on the same page as the Unsubscribe link. Just click on ‘manage plan’ and choose whichever plan or add-ons suits your needs best. It’s that simple!

Alternatives to Amazon FreeTime

If you’re looking for an alternative to Amazon FreeTime, you’ve got a lot of great choices. Here are some of the best ones:

Nabi DreamTab HD8

The Nabi DreamTab HD8 is a great alternative that allows parents to control what their kids can access and be sure they’re safe while on the internet. This tablet also offers educational games that teach kids language and math in a fun environment.

Kindle Fire Kids Edition

The Kindle Fire Kids Edition has a range of books for all ages and interests, plus it’s equipped with parental controls so parents can have peace of mind that their children won’t stumble into inappropriate content. The Kids Edition also comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so if the tablet is broken, Amazon will replace it for free.

Kiddy Time Pro

Kiddy Time Pro offers over 200 premium games and apps specifically designed for kids between the ages of 2 and 8. All content is safe for children to explore without parental supervision, making it a great choice for busy parents who don’t have time to filter what their child is playing with or seeing online.

These are just some of the options – there are plenty more out there! Have fun exploring your options and finding something that works best for your family.

Potential Changes to Consider Before Canceling

Before you hit that cancel button for Amazon FreeTime, there are some changes to consider. It’s possible you can adjust your settings and still get the benefits of FreeTime without having to commit to a monthly subscription.

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Take a Look at Your Settings

Before taking the plunge, take a look at your settings—who knows, you might find something that works better for you. For example, maybe you want to adjust the content filter levels, add or remove approved websites or apps, or change the amount of screen time for each child.

Check Out the Competitors

If Amazon FreeTime isn’t delivering what you’re looking for, it’s worth checking out what other companies have to offer. Do a quick search online and read some reviews so you can decide which service will best meet your needs. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Doing some research before canceling Amazon FreeTime is a good idea so you know all of your options. There may be features or plans that weren’t available when you first signed up that could help with your parental control needs — so before sending Amazon FreeTime off into the sunset, make sure to take a good look around so that you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.


So you’re looking to unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime, and you’ve got some questions. We can help. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you:

What happens after I unsubscribe?

Once you unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime, the parent account holder’s payment method will no longer be charged for the service, and all content associated with your account will be removed.

How to I keep my child’s profile?

If you opt to cancel your subscription to Amazon FreeTime, your child’s profile can still be used with designated age-appropriate content available elsewhere in the Fire Tablet.

When does the change take effect?

The cancelation of your Amazon FreeTime subscription will take place immediately upon completion of the cancelation process.

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