Malcom Mushroom Squishmallow Buying Guide

Are you looking for the perfect bedside companion who loves soccer just like you? Look no further – Malcolm the Mushroom Squishmallow is here! Get to know more about him and his impressive skills with this guide on how to purchase your own Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow. Released in 2021 Mushroom Squishmallow is still one of the top sellers in the squishmallow collection. From tips on finding a great deal to learning what sets him apart from other mascots, we’ve got you covered!


Malcom Mushroom Squishmallow

Malcolm is a mushroom with a tan stalk and a round, white belly. The top of his red cap is a cool red with white spots and the underside is a less saturated red. He has round black eyes and a red, smiling mouth.

Size and Material

Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow is the perfect size for cuddling and taking with you wherever you go. Measuring in at 14 inches, he is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, but big enough for snuggles! He’s made from incredibly cozy- polyester fiber, so he has a marshmallow texture that’s soft and pillowy. All these features are sure to make him your favorite bedside companion!

Release Date

Collector Number: 684

Squishdate: 11.19.2020

Year: 2021


With polyester as soft and huggable as a cloud, your kids can have hours of playtime fun with their mushroom squishmallow. But because it is made to last you don’t ever need to worry about the toy being damaged by even the rowdiest of kiddos! And not just that – its facial design is crafted from superior stitching quality so you know it’s built for ultimate durability without sacrificing any aesthetic value either.

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This mushroom squishmallow is a total cutie-patootie! It’s got the perfect combo of fun elements, from its pinkish hat to those sweet little eyes. But let’s not forget that adorably happy smile – it really takes this plush toy up one more level on the ‘aww’ meter!

Where to buy Malcom the Mushroom Squishmallow?

Malcolm the Mushroom Squishmallow is available in many stores, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Prices may vary from store to store but you’re sure to find a great deal wherever you go! If you’d like to purchase him online, look for exclusive deals on popular platforms such as eBay and Etsy for even further discounts.

How do I take care of my Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow?

Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow is made from high-quality polyester, making him both durable and easy to clean. Since he’s filled with polyester fiber, it’s best to spot clean him with a damp cloth only – no machine washing or drying! He should also be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. With proper care, your Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow will remain as huggable and cuddly as ever!

What is the history of the Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow?

Malcolm Mushroom Squishmallow made his debut in 2021, and he’s been a favorite ever since! He has sold out multiple times due to his popularity, so if you want one of your own be sure to act fast when they become available.

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