Best Tablets for reading in 2023

Tablets have quickly become a must-have device loved by people of all ages. When looking to find the perfect tablet for you, it’s important to consider factors such as the size, features, and cost. Tablets come in various sizes ranging from those with a large screen for easy portability to larger ones that offer a great viewing experience for movies and TV shows. Reviewing the list of special features can help you determine which ones will best suit your needs – from faster processing speed or longer battery life to additional ports or wireless charging capability. Tablets vary in price so having an idea of your budget beforehand can help you narrow your choice down quickly. With a thoughtful approach and good research, finding the ideal tablet for you won’t be too hard.

Top 5 Tablets for reading in 2023

1.Kindle Oasis

Kinlde Oasis- Third Generation

Are you looking for a device that will transport your reading experience to the next level? Look no further than the Kindle Oasis – the ultimate e-reader perfect for your everyday and occasional needs.

This slim device operates like all readers in its class, but with some added features that make it stand out from the rest. The most noteworthy feature is its IPX8 water resistance – perfect for swimming pool days, or just relaxing in the bathtub with a good read. With an adjustable warm light and screen resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi) you can have an immersive and comfortable reading experience no matter the time of day or night. And forget about worrying about orientation – this device automatically flips your display so you can enjoy a distraction free read. Plus, there are convenient page-turning buttons on both sides, allowing you to change pages without having to worry about smudging up the display.

With a battery life up to 6 weeks on 30 minutes of use daily, plus 8 GB or 32 GB storage capacity, this device can last through multiple books without having to charge again and again. And weighing only 6.6 ounces, this svelte e-reader goes wherever you go with ease! Unfortunately, it does lack USB-C connector and headphone jack for audiobook listening but these aspects hardly take away from its awesome features and usefulness overall.

So whether you’re an avid reader who goes through volumes at one time or someone who reads occasionally, try out Kindle Oasis – it’ll be worth it!

pros & cons


  • IPX8 water resistant for reading poolside or in the bath
  • Adjustable warm light for nighttime reading
  • Page-turning buttons


  • No USB-C connector
  • No headphone jack for audiobook reading

2.Kindle Scribe

kindle scribe

Fun and functional, the Kindle Scribe is the perfect combination of an e-reader and tablet!

The Kindle Scribe has all your favorite features from the classic Kindle, like a 10.2-inch 300 ppi Paperwhite display and up to 12 weeks of battery life that can get you through even your longest reading sessions. What really sets the Kindle Scribe apart though is its new Amazon Basic or Premium Pen, which lets you take handwritten notes or underline important points without ever leaving a page. All of your notes are automatically organized by book so you can easily review them later – perfect for keeping track of all your best ideas! The Kindle Scribe also includes preset templates to help you journal, create lists, and more.

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Lightweight at only 15.3 ounces, with 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB storage options depending on your needs; the Kindle Scribe is the perfect device for any reader with a love for tech! Get yours today and start taking full advantage of both worlds – classic reading meets modern convenience!

pros & cons


  • Impressive battery life
  • Included pen for handwritten notes
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word


  • Not waterproof
  • Premium pen upgrade will cost you more
  • Does not support note-taking on magazines or newspapers

3. Apple iPad Mini (sixth generation)

Apple iPad Mini (sixth generation)

The iPad Mini is the optimal device for book-lovers. With its incredibly lightweight and portable design, this sixth generation tablet can transcend into so much more than a computer. It features an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display that’s 326 ppi, giving it a sharpness to satisfy all readers. Apple’s True Tone technology ensures optimum viewing, adjusting the color and intensity of the display in line with your ambient light – creating a natural reading experience.

Plus, with an impressive battery life up to 10 hours, you’re guaranteed endless hours of reading without interruption. And with two storage size options (64 GB or 256 GB) you’ll store enough books and films to keep you entertained for days. The iPad Mini doesn’t just provide a great look and feel to your reading experience; it also offers some powerful features such as Apple’s A15 bionic chip and an ultra-wide 12 MP front camera. So not only do you get more from your iPad usage but also from every page turn in content-filled pages of books!


  • Strong performance in A15 Bionic chip
  • Pixel-dense display makes for sharp text
  • True Tone technology


  • Most expensive option

4.Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4

Welcome to the world of the sleek, stylish and ultra-light Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4! This 8.4-inch tablet packs a punch with its WUXGA display and 10-hour battery life that ensures you can do everything you want for as long as you need.

The lightweight design – just 10.93 ounces – and curved edges provide a comfortable grip for one-hand use while reading, watching videos, or playing games. With 270 pixels per inch (ppi) and 1920×1200 resolution, every image will look crisp and vibrant on the screen, making your device ideal for reading or bingeing movies. You can store up to 32GB of books, movies or games onboard while still having room to expand it up to 512GB with a microSD card – now you don’t have to worry about running out of storage again!

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Thanks to its two cameras, you can capture all your favorite moments in clear detail with either the 8 megapixel rear camera with autofocus or the 5 megapixel front-facing camera for taking selfies. Take your work on the go with all the convenience of Android 9 Pie operating system, which offers great tablet features in a single package.

Whether traveling from point A to Point B or sitting down in your favorite spot at home, be sure to do it in style with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4 – a tablet that combines practicality, power and sleek design into one package!

pros & cons


  • Bright and sharp screen
  • Expandable memory up to 512GB with a microSD card


  • Runs on an older Android system

5.Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet (12th generation)

C:\Users\Varun\Desktop\Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet (12th generation).png

For those kiddos who love to learn and explore, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet (12th generation) is here to provide hours of breaktaking and educational fun. This tablet comes with a robust 8-inch HD display, giving your little one plenty of screen real estate for games, movies, books and more. Any worries about them breaking it? Don’t fret! The kid-proof case is designed to withstand any bumps and drops that may arise throughout playtime.

Plus, this tablet comes with 32GB or 64GB of storage space, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room for their favorite apps. Also included is a free one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ that offers access to thousands of age-appropriate movies, books and other interactive content that will keep your child entertained while they learn something new. With an extended battery life lasting up to 13 hours on a single charge and weighing in at 1.14 pounds —it’s lightweight yet durable enough for travel— this tablet makes an ideal choice for kids on the move or young learners who prefer the convenience of using a device when learning something new.


  • Two-year worry-free guarantee
  • Includes a one-year subscription of Amazon Kids+


  • Amazon Kids+ subscription will cost extra after free trial
  • Not as great screen quality as other options
Why are tablets great for reading books?

Tablets make reading books incredibly convenient, easily accessible and enjoyable. Tablets provide a full screen view of the page which makes it easier to focus on the content compared to other devices such as cell phones and laptops. Tablets are also lightweight and portable so they can be taken with you anywhere you go. The built-in features can transform your reading experience, allowing you to make notes, highlight text and access dictionary definitions instantaneously. Tablets allow readers of all levels access to their favorite novels or textbooks with the swipe of a finger.

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What are the benefits of reading on a tablet

Tablets are a great tool for reading – they can bring books, magazines, and newspapers to life with vibrant colors and sharp resolution. Tablets are lightweight and easily portable, making them far more convenient than carrying around physical copies or lugging around a laptop. Tablets allow quick access to an ever-growing library of titles, from classic fiction to the latest bestsellers. Tablets also offer features such as bookmarks, adjustable fonts, annotation tools, and multi-language support that make the reading experience even more rich and engaging. Tablets provide flexibility for readers – you can choose if you want to read online or download a digital copy onto your device. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that tablets have become the go-to choice for avid readers

Best tablets for different types of readers

Tablets have come a long way since their inception, becoming more powerful and versatile than ever. As such, they’re an invaluable tool for any type of reader, from casual bloggers to voracious bibliophiles. With so many different options now available on the market, it can be difficult to find the right tablet that fits each specific need – but there are a few standout tablets that cater specifically to the various forms of reading. Tablets like the Apple iPad Pro offer powerful performance with vibrant displays perfect for comic books and graphic novels, while the Amazon Kindle Fire lineup offers an excellent gateway into digital book stores like Kindle Unlimited or Audible. Microsoft Surface stands out as a great choice for college students taking notes in lectures and scribbling down important facts during research stints – not to mention its top-notch web browsing capabilities. The right tablet will make all the difference for any kind of reader – no matter what type – will help them find, store, and enjoy their favorite works all in one sleek package.

Comparison of top tablets for reading

Are you looking for the ultimate reading device? Look no further than the Kindle Oasis – it’s our number one pick. For more of a note-taking experience, go with the Kindle Scribe!

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll love their iPad Mini that is both powerful and lightweight.

Or take your tablet game to another level with Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.4 boasting a bright and sharp display. And finally, if kid safety is important to you when they read online then Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids was made specifically for that purpose – complete with all those extra features kids crave!

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