Best FPV (first-person view) Drones in 2023

First Person View, or FPV, drones have been increasing in popularity for some time. Many of the early drone enthusiasts built this way, placing a camera on the front of the ‘copter and piloting via a live view seen on video goggles. A gamer would argue that “first person view” is just a matter of perspective, and has been ever since Wolfenstein 3D, but in the drone world that view doesn’t quite cut it.

Here we will take FPV to mean drones which at least allow goggle-wearing, and encourage speed. In that context, FPV has always been popular with the hobby community as well as interested visitors at events like the International Drone Day “Mini Air Show,” first held in 2015. More recently this has been commercialized as a spectator (not to mention TV) event by organizations like the Drone Racing League and Multi GP.

Modern FPV drones still come from an exciting, varied market of small enthusiast-led companies, though DJI seems now to have fully committed. So if you’re looking for the best FPV drone in 2023, here are some of the top options to consider:

1.DJI Avata


Weight: 795g (inc battery)

Dimensions: 255 x 312 x 127mm

Diagonal size: 245mm

Controller: Yes

Video resolution: 1080p at 120fps, 4K at 60fps

Goggles resolution: 1440 x 810 (each eye)

Camera resolution: 12MP

Battery life: 20 minutes

Max range: 10 km / 6mi (or 6km in UK/EU)

Max speed: 140kph / 87mph


+Robust protective frame design

+Produces gorgeously steady swooping video

+Manual camera options

+Easy to control even for first-time pilots

+Better battery life than typical FPV drone


-No forward collision sensors

-DJI Motion Controller can’t achieve maximum speed

-DJI Goggles 2 can mist up on warm days (despite fan)

-Video can drop out at under 400m

-No bag in the Fly More kit

Are you ready to take your aviation experience to new heights? Introducing DJI Avata: the world’s most sophisticated, enjoyable, and attainable flight solution. Fly with ease and capture crisp 4K footage with ultra-smooth stability. Get ready to be dazzled and explore the world like never before.

Experience immersion with intuitive control. Just combine Avata with the goggles and motion controller for an instant adrenaline rush! Flight has never been easier — just squeeze the trigger on the Motion Controller and take off! You can control your direction by turning a corner or accelerating quickly at will.

Don’t let energy level limit your fun — the palm-sized construction of Avata enables agility and allows you to fly through tight spaces or slip between gap branches with ease. Plus it’s light enough that it can follow you on any of your adventures!

Be bold and explore further than ever before with DJI Avata — turn impossible dreams into reality and challenge yourself to sky-high heights. Let us take you on a journey you won’t forget!

2. DJI FVP Combo


Weight: 795g (inc battery)

Dimensions: 255 x 312 x 127mm

Diagonal size: 245mm

Controller: Yes

Video resolution: 1080p at 120fps, 4K at 60fps

Goggles resolution: 1440 x 810 (each eye)

Camera resolution: 12MP

Battery life: 20 minutes

Max range: 10 km / 6mi (or 6km in UK/EU)

Max speed: 140kph / 87mph


+Amazing acceleration

+Effective safety sensors

+Some replaceable parts

+Partial motorized gimbal on FPV


-In Acro mode it needs a lot of space

-Expensive path into FPV 

-Parts are difficult to replace and expensive

-Superceeded in some regards by the DJI Avata

Experience a completely new way to explore the skies with the DJI FPV Combo! This robust, powerful kit includes all the components you need to transform your aerial adventures.

The DJI FPV Goggles V2 allow you to become one with your flight; a 150° field of view provides an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your environment. With 4K/60fps video capture, you can record crisp detail at up to 120 Mbps – making it look as exhilarating as the flight itself.

For simplified control, make use of S mode – this hybrid flight mode combines manual control with easy-to-use features from earlier DJI drones. Safety features like auxiliary bottom light and low battery RTH let you pilot confidently even at high speeds. And stable, reliable OcuSync 3.0 transmission greatly reduces signal interference even in densely populated areas.

Take off on a thrilling journey of speed and power with this sleek, powerful combo set – try out the DJI FPV Combo today!

Does this Fpv drone have No Fly restrictions?

All drones – regardless of size and weight – are bound to the same Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight regulations. The only difference for those weighing more than 250 grams is that you will need to pay $5 in order to obtain a hobby pilot registration number from the FAA website. This one number can be applied across multiple drones as of March 2021, so it’s worth looking into if this applies to your drone(s). Don’t just take our word for it; make sure you visit the official source yourself!

Do the goggles work with other DJI drones?

The DJI “Racing Edition” RE Goggles work with the DJI
Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom models as well as the newer
Mavic Air 2S model. (Occusync 2 radio system)
I have both the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, so when I fly my drones, I almost always use their goggles. Despite having Ankylosing Spondylitis that makes me particularly sensitive to added weight on my head or neck, amazingly, the RE edition of these goggles caused no extra pain nor problems for me. That’s how lightweight they are
Battery life is the only downside I find. With three drone batteries’ worth of airtime, my internal battery in the goggles gives out. If DJI had used swappable external batteries for both the goggles and their smart controller, it would have been an ideal scenario!

3.iFlight Nazgul 5


Weight: 440 plus battery

Dimensions: 90 x 104 x 19mm

Diagonal size: 115mm

Controller: Included, radio

Video resolution: NTSC/PAL

Goggles resolution: 480 x 272

Camera resolution: (GoPro mount)

Battery life: 7 minutes

Max range: 100m

Max speed: 140 km/h


+Thick carbon fiber arms with corner protection

+GoPro mount

+Excitingly fast


-Through-X prop configuration

-You’ll need to budget for HD video

If you’re looking for a modern and powerful drone that you can use for action-packed flight experiences, look no further than the iFlight Nazgul 5! This five-inch bind-and-fly quadcopter comes fully built with everything you need to get started on your aerial adventure right away.

Made with sturdy, high-quality carbon fiber weave and TPU inserts designed to absorb shock, this drone is perfect for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. You won’t need to worry about any broken parts with this drone thanks to its full 3K carbon fiber airframe and motorguard on the end of the arms that protect it during crashes. Plus, changing arms couldn’t be easier; just remove one screw!

Get ready to take off on exciting journeys with the iFlight Nazgul 5 today! With its durable structure and simple swap-in method for replacing arms, this BNF quadcopter has all you need for a truly unforgettable flight experience – just add a battery and compatible radio! Don’t miss out – fly high with the iFlight Nazgul 5 now!

Does it have “follow me” option?

Absolutely not. It’s an FPV drone like you’ve never seen before – it’s the racecar of your dreams! With its simplistic, yet effective design.

4. BetaFPV Cetus FPV


Weight: 35g (with battery)

Dimensions: 72 x 72 x 20mm

Diagonal size: 102mm

Controller: Yes

Video resolution: NTSC

Camera resolution: 800 x 480px

Battery life: 5 minutes

Max range: 100m

Max speed: –

N mode: 1m/s 1.3m/s 1.5m/s

S mode: 1.5m/s 2.5m/s 3.5m/s


+Altitude hold function

+Complete “Ready to Fly” kit

+Learn freestyle or hover


-Won’t carry a camera

Discover incredible possibilities with the BetaFPV Cetus FPV and take your flying to new heights! This revolutionary drone is specially designed for any FPV racer, making it perfect for beginner or advanced pilots. With powerful performance and award-winning design, this quadcopter is one of a kind. It comes with the LiteRadio 2 SE controller so you can fly with smoothness and finesse.

The amazing Altitude Hold Function ensures that you always enjoy a stable flight experience. Simply activate the feature and relax knowing your drone will remain at its exact altitude until movement is initiated again by you. And if you find yourself in a sticky situation where control is lost or battery gets low, no worries – the Self-Protection Function kicks in and makes an emergency landing so your machine remains safe!

Take part in spectacular competitions like DDC, DRL, and more with BetaFPV Cetus FPV. With three Flight Modes to choose from (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) no matter what your level of expertise may be, this drone will be able to fuel your passion for flight. So make sure you get yours today!

Question: – How far can it fly from your person and can you fly it outside?

About 60 to 100 yards And you can fly outside
If its not to windy

Can its remote control use FPV simulator

Absolutely, a transmitter can be utilized for FPV Simulator.

5.iFlight ProTek25 Pusher CineWhoop FPV


Weight: 143.8g (without battery)

Dimensions: 76.3 x 76.3 x 21 mm

Diagonal size: 108mm

Controller: FRsky receiver

Video resolution: 720P at 60fps

Battery life: 10 minutes

Max range: 10 km / 6mi

Max speed: 120 km/h


+Low vibration frame (better footage)

+Beginner-friendly packaging

+Powerful enough to lift GoPro 9 or 10


-Bring your own goggles

-No pairing instructions or video

Witness a revolution in FPV drones with the iFlight ProTek25 Pusher CineWhoop! This powerhouse of technology packs all the punch with none of the weight, allowing filmmakers to capture amazing images bypassing larger, more cumbersome drones. With this remarkable device, you can create incredibly smooth footage with cleaner airflow, while the inverted engine arrangement keeps the drone stable and secure even in tight spaces or windy conditions.

You’ll be captivated by its powerful 2.5-inch frame and no-nonsense design that features bull-nosed props for effortless shooting like never before. Whether it’s inside or outdoors, you will love taking aerial videos with this responsive machine that cycles faster than similar models in its class, giving you an edge when closing in for an elusive angle or reaction shot. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and fly higher with the iFlight ProTek25 Pusher CineWhoop—your go-to FPV drone for creating stunning cinematic shots!

6.GEPRC MARK5 HD O3 Freestyle


Model: MARK5 HD O3 Quadcopter

Brand: GEPRC

Frame: GEP-MK5 O3

Wheelbase: 225mm

Top plate: 2.5mm

Bottom plate: 2.5mm

Arm plate: 5mm

FC system: SPAN F722-BT-HD V2

MCU: STM32F722

Gyro: 42688-P(SPI)

OSD: BetaFlight OSD w/AT7456E chip

ESC: SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4IN1 50A 4-6S ESC

VTX: DJI O3 Air Unit

Camera: DJI O3

Propeller: Gemfan 5136

Antenna: DJI O3 antenna

Motor: SPEEDX2 2107.5-1960KV (6S Version) / SPEEDX2 2107.5-2450KV(4S Version)

Weight: 404.9g (MARK5 HD O3 including 3D printed parts)

Receiver: PNP, Frsky R-XSR, TBS Nano RX, ELRS 2.4G

Recommended Battery: LiPo 4S 1300mAh-1800mAh (4S Version) / LiPo 6S 1050mAh-1550mAh(6S Version)


+5mm arm plate for strength

+GEPRC offer multiple piggy-back camera holders 

+Frame is DJI O3 friendly

+High-end speed controllers with 50A output

+Bluetooth connection and phone app 


-DJI accessories can be pricey

-Only 2 sets of props (one spare)

Are you looking for a drone that’s designed specifically for freestyle flight? Look no further! The GEPRC MARK5 HD O3 Freestyle has been developed with a squashed X arm design, to ensure smooth and agile flying.

Its strong power, fast response speed, precise throttle control and smooth flight experience are thanks to its SPAN G50A BLHeli_32 4in1 50A ESC and the latest GEPRC 2107.5 motor. Additionally, its upgraded lens aluminum alloy side plate ensures that it is both durable as well as visually striking.

For those looking for even greater performance, the HD Version uses DJI’s new O3 VTX offering clear image, stable signal, low-latency and long-distance support up to 4K/60fps recording. Plus the MARK5 Freestyle also features a unique frame shock absorption design which reduces vibration while keeping your electronic systems running safely and effectively in their operating environment.

You can even connect your mobile phone wirelessly via Bluetooth connection in order to fine tune your parameters, providing you with an even more personalized action-packed experience from this extraordinary drone!

7. EMAX TinyHawk 3 RTF


Weight: 43.5g with battery

Dimensions: 90 x 104 x 19 mm

Diagonal size: 115 mm

Controller: Included, radio

Video resolution: NTSC/PAL

Goggles resolution: 480 x 800

Battery life: 7 minutes

Max range: 100m

Max speed: 80 km/h


+Flexibile: only needs a USB charger

+Auto White Balance 

+Rates easy for beginners

+Good choice for STEM


-Frame can be scuffed by concrete crash

-Different PID profiles for 1S or 2S batteries

Introducing the EMAX TinyHawk 3 RTF – an amazing Ready-to-Fly kit for beginners looking to explore their passion for drones! With this fantastic package, you can power on and start flying in no time! The TinyHawk 3 is made from flexible plastic for outstanding durability, allowing you to go on exciting flights without worrying about any potential damage. Plus, with real 5.8G FPV view, you will be able to experience all the views and angles your drone can go as if you were actually in the cockpit!

It also includes a controller and goggles so that you won’t need anything else but your enthusiasm to start right away and have an awesome time! Furthermore, it has Video Capture Resolution of FHD 1080p – making sure that your footage is crystal clear. Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience in the aerial imaging world, this powerful drone is sure to elevate your exploration of this hobby. So what are you waiting for? Get EMAX TinyHawk 3 RTF now and make every flight count!

What is the range?

After it took off, the drone was able to cruise a distance of approximately 50 feet with no obstructions. However, when any trees or buildings came in between us and the device, there would be static interference and sometimes even lose connection entirely; yet overall it’s an excellent choice for its size and price point!

What is the top speed?

Approximately 35 mph

Can you change control modes so right hand is throttle instead of left hand?

Yes in betaflight

Are the same batteries as tinyhawk 1? i have extras from tinyhawk 1 and i wonder if they will work with this model.

Yes it requires 1s batteries

8.GEPRC CineLog 35


Weight: 99g + battery

Dimensions: 95mm wheelbase

Diagonal size: 142mm (motor to motor)

Controller: PNP / R-XSR / TBS NanoRX

Video resolution: NTSC

Battery life: 8m30s / 5m with GoPro 10

Max range: 4000m

Max speed: 50 km/h


+Protective edge

+Supports HD Digital VTX


-Drone only

Are you looking for the perfect drone for incredible aerial footage? Look no further than the GEPRC CineLog 35! This latest and greatest aerial tech is sure to take your cinematic visions to new heights. From improved protection guards to independent receiver cabins, the CineLog 35 offers unbeatable reliability and functionality with every flight.

The sleek design features integrated protection guard technology with low noise and vibration levels, making it incredibly durable even in the most challenging of terrains. With its high-strength structural design and damping rings, you can expect smoother and more stable shots than ever before. Additionally, this complete system is packed with five UART ports to provide even more excitement throughout every flight–from extended range control to unlimited creative possibilities.

And when it comes to visuals, take advantage of VISTA HD VTX video transmission combined with Nebula Pro recording technology for an ultimate visual experience like never before. Built-in filters provide superior image quality with vivid colors and details that will stand out in any light conditions. Let your imagination run wild!

Make a statement with your next film project using GEPRC CineLog 35! Get ready to push boundaries with unseen majesty and unparalleled performance only found from this amazing combination of unique features offered by GEPRC’s latest drone system. What are you waiting for?!

How do I know what goggles and remote will work with this?

If you want to get the most out of your analog goggles, make sure that they match the remote control device you have. Especially for a TBS Nano which needs to be connected with a TBS controller! If Frsky is what you need, then order the Frsky receiver or see if it’s possible to purchase without one and install your own instead. We hope this advice has been helpful in navigating through digital goggles purchases and installation.

What do i need to make this fly what all needed like a remote will the jumper t pro work ?

In order to operate the device, you must acquire the appropriate edition of the remote control, glasses, and batteries from GEPR.

9. Emax Hawk Pro 5


Weight: 265g

Diagonal size: 210mm

Controller: FRsky receiver

Video resolution: NTSC

Battery life: 5-6mins )

Max range: 500m

Max speed: 100mph (160kph)


+Fully customizable

+32-bit speed controller

+Alternate props to emphasis speed or flight time


-Must supply your own goggles, transmitter, receiver, battery

The Emax Hawk Pro 5 buzzes with excitement, perfect for FPV experts and hobbyists alike! This hardy quad copter is built for speed, sporting a Caddx Ratel 1200Tvel HD camera so you can see the world from a bird’s eye view. Whether you’re an experienced pilot or just getting into the hobby, the adjustable camera angle allows you to capture the perfect shot. And great news – two sets of props (AVAN Flow & AVAN Scimita) are included so you can pick the one that best fits your skillset! So buckle up, this drone will soar through the sky at speeds faster than your imagination – providing endless hours of buzzing fun!

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